An excerpt from the Director's Statement about PROGENY

I love the ooey gooey stuff.


A story (like a body) can take many forms. A drama about truckers who are used by their company with little regard for the value of their own lives is interesting, but put it in space and throw a deadly Alien in the mix, now it’s fun. Observing the way drug abuse destroys relationships and cripples the addict can be moving, but make that addict a six-foot-five arthropod and now you have my attention. Grad students make a breakthrough in science but the world continues to doubt them? Okay… The breakthrough is that they can catch ghosts—I’m in!
Having worked extensively designing and shooting practical effects, the filmmakers love to utilize film making tricks where they are at their strongest, and combining techniques can breathe life into silicon prosthetics just as much as it can make the digital blend in with the practical.
This knowledge of more traditional effects translates very well into the digital space. It involves working heavily in preproduction to make sure everything operates just so, which in the world of virtual production makes all the difference for smooth shooting on the day. 

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